How To Drive Social Media Traffic To The Website?

How useful are social media in generating referral traffic and increasing site traffic? Let's take a look at the statistics: Since the beginning of 2019, there are 4.39 billion Internet users in the world.

Facebook, the social media giant, has 2.32 billion users - more than half of the total.

There are five other platforms with more than one billion users (YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Instagram) in the world of the Internet.

While Google is still the best site navigator, you can not ignore the number of users and numbers listed above. Turning to social media to attract more traffic is a worthwhile investment - if you play the cards right.

If you want to use social media channels to increase site traffic and turn social networks into rich sources of website traffic, join in this article. Of course, the work of SEO and trying to rank in Google is easier. It means trying to rank your site. This does not mean that you have ever done something in vain, especially if you do not own a big and famous brand. But if you did it because others did it, then the question arises, why did you really take on such a challenge?

Increase Website Traffic Through Social Networks


Let's take a look at how to attract social media traffic to your website.

Prepare your social media pages

Obviously, you need to be there before you can drive traffic from your target media to your site. But the details of this presence are not very clear. There are elements that strengthen the foundations of your social presence.

Your own personal pages

Which do you prefer:

A. talking to a person.

B. Or with a brand account that has only one logo?


Most people choose option A 100% of the time. This method makes interactions more personal and builds more trust.

After selecting the social platform, you want to use, set up and specify your personal accounts with your name and face there. (If you already have an account that is great!) Be your own representative. Encourage others on your team to do the same.

In addition, personal pages should create a network for you and expand that network, but we will get there later…

Your business pages

Personal agent makes it easier to direct users to your site pages. Especially Aynflvynsr ofFacebook often goes beyond the business page section and just posts everything under its own name. But you probably haven't reached that point yet, so you need to set aside separate pages to promote your site (brand).

The first step to increasing site traffic is to create pages and fill them with as much information as possible.

Social network influencers

Users' initial impressions of the page often remain forever. Here are some things your pages should follow to make a good initial impression on the viewer:

·      Unique name

·      Unique logo

·      URL with the name of your site

·      Cover image

·      What your site is and what it does (usually in the About Us section)

·      Contacts

·      Link to your site

Images that show the essence of your site in the gallery section

Remember to share your business page updates on your own pages and ask your co-workers to do the same!

Platform designed to increase website hits you use

Anyone can name a few great social platforms without thinking: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora and more. Using each of them to promote the website and increase site traffic is safe and risk-free. In fact, as long as your content is relevant to them, there is no reason not to choose them.

However, some platforms may require a more subtle approach than others. for example:

·      Reddit users know ads. So a brand's ads are often ignored and hidden.

·      Twitter is known for its writing limitations.

·      Quora is a question and answer platform where sponsored articles may be questioned.

Updates you post

There are billions of users in the world, but your target audience will be only a small part of the whole. Design your updates to connect with the people you want to bring to your site.

Do you know your audience well? What kind of content do they like the most? There is probably more than one answer to this question, and the answers can be "funny" or "professional." You may have to experiment with several different emotions to find the best solution.

There are only two things that work for almost all users, " show user interest " and " attract attention ". These two works well for everyone, but only you, as the parent can know for sure.

Prepare the content inside the site before attempting to increase site traffic

Let's remember the number one rule of increasing site traffic : content is king. Appropriate content within the site as well as to promote social media have an obligation to be.

Imagine this scenario: Users visit your social media page and click on a link to one of your updates. This update directs them to the site, the visitor sees your content but does not think the content is good. What do you think will happen at this moment? You must have guessed right: users will leave the site and will never click on another link on your social media.

We should not have such a situation.

Traffic absorption That means both attracting new users and retaining old ones. For the latter, the most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of your content. If it is to change, it must change only for the better.

Drive social media users to your site

Well, the foundations are now laid. It is time to start generating traffic and increase site traffic. the more, the better.

Post more

Users receive many posts from different sources in their feed or feed. The more these posts are about you, the better your chance of getting clicks. Post on your page at least several times a week, Even if you can send several posts in one day.

Of Media for Per Use

It will be more interesting if you can post content beyond the text and image. Most platforms also support many other formats such as video, polls, and slideshows. You can even get creative with the usual and "boring" types of content and turn them into something more fun, like a game.

Share the content of others.

By doing this, not only will the authors of this content appreciate what you have done, but they will also receive a notification on their page and get to know your brand.

Re-post your content

This works amazingly well, as most social media users lose some posts. Of course, it is better not to take risks and change your content a little more than before, so that users who have already visited it have a reason to click on it again.

Even something as simple as "subscribe to more posts" will work, but it certainly doesn't hurt to think about it.

Participate in discussions

The more people talk about what you post, the better, and of course you are allowed to comment. In addition, users may have questions that only you can answer.

Respond quickly to users

A quick response is a sign of importance. Of course, you can not be active day and night to respond to all, so you can from one chatbot use.

Expand your social network

In social media, you or anyone you know, the size of something (knowledge) that you know is important. Always find new friends and followers and never stop. You can find them on your pages, but there are countless others on other pages. How many new people have you talked to today?

Do what your competitors do

After all, there has to be someone who interacts more with you on social media. Although high interaction is not a ranking factor, it is often correlated with high rankings on Google. For example, the following tools can help you find serious competitors.

Social media traffic

It shows you who gets more social interaction than you do.

In this case, you can check their pages and see how they work. Is this interaction due to the updates they post? Is it because of the time intervals that they post? Or maybe they have a better network of followers and contacts than you?

Invest In Advertising To Increase Site Traffic.

You cannot avoid mentioning ads in the field of generating social media traffic and increasing site traffic. When all else fails (or even succeed), budget for paid advertising.

At the end

The main purpose of social media is communication between people in equal conditions. There is no better place to reach your target audience. The more users and the better your relationship with them, the more social traffic to your website.

So it all comes down to connecting with the people you want to invite to your site. With your site, be an active element in your user experience - not only through content, but also through good human interaction.