What is the meaning of FOMO technique?

Have you ever been anxious and worried about losing something?! FOMO, or the fear of losing, can apply to anything. Today, marketing professionals use this feeling, which is present in most people, for the benefit of businesses. In this article, we are going to talk about the full use of the FOMO technique in digital marketing.

The word FOMO stands for Fear of Missing out. As we mentioned in the previous section, this fear can be created in anyone and about anything. These days, creating a sense of fear of loss for the audience has become very common in marketing. In the FOMO technique, a message is sent to the recipient stating that the opportunity to buy a particular product has been lost. This message can be sent via email, text message, information on the store website or in any other way. People who experience the fear of losing a lot of things will no doubt be impressed by this marketing method and will be persuaded to buy!

History of FOMO technique

The feeling of fear of giving has always been institutionalized in human beings since the beginning of human history. So, this feeling is not something new that has just been created! But the study of fomo has been done scientifically in recent decades. The study project was first started in 1996 by a marketing strategist named Dr. Dan Herman. The use of this sales technique became widespread and obvious when social media came into being.

Why is the FOMO technique used in digital marketing?

Research on the impact of using this technique on sales shows that marketers have achieved good results from using fomo. But really, what is the reason that this technique can help sell products?! Here are some statistics about fomo.

·       69% of people are afraid of losing on a daily basis!

·       60% of people buy products they do not need because of the feeling of fomo!

·       Fifty-six percent of people with Fomo Syndrome have social media, which means that these platforms are very valuable for using Fomo.

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Fomo Marketing

Businesses and marketing professionals use different methods to encourage their target community to buy their products or use their services. In the following, we will explain some of the most effective of these methods.

Show that many people are shopping!

One of the most effective ways to evoke a sense of humor in your audience is to show them that many people are buying and if they do not hurry, they may lose the product they want forever!

Highlight missed opportunities!

Highlighting missed opportunities means, for example, not removing products that have expired or discounts that have expired but showing them to your audience with striking colors and fonts. By using this method, you will arouse the feeling of regret in the users of your site. This causes them to make their purchases sooner for fear of missing existing opportunities.

Show the bottom of your warehouse!

One of the main components of fomo marketing is scarcity. In fact, you should give your audience the feeling that their desired product or service is running out and is in short supply. This way you will be able to motivate your customers a lot. There are many ways to show deficiency. One obvious example of a deficiency is the Amazon site. This site shows some of the items left in stock to encourage the user to buy.

Get visitors to watch the time

Another factor to consider in the FOMO technique is time and urgency. If you make your users feel like they're missing out on a chance to have their favorite product, they're more likely to buy!

Stimulate the competitive spirit of your audience

In general, a large percentage of people are not only reluctant to miss an opportunity, but also hate being overtaken by others and seizing their opportunity! This is why fomo advertising campaigns create a sense of competition, forcing the audience to buy.

Restrict free shipping

It is interesting to know that the motivation of a large percentage of users to buy is to send their desired online store for free! This is one of the reasons why Fomo's advertising campaigns offer free shipping with limited time. A clear example of this method is the store site of Targeted Web Traffic. Most likely, you have bought additional products at least once when buying from targetedwebtraffic.com so that you can use the opportunity of free shipping. In fact, in this situation, people think that if they buy less, they will lose the opportunity to send for free

Be clear about fomo

There is no need to hide the use of fomo sales technique! You can use this technique in suitable conditions and even inform your customers about its use!

Content expiration alert

Most content strategies are about generating content that stays sustainable around us. You can use such content to build authority, inbound links, improve SEO rankings and attract customers. But in the meantime, there is another way to get users' attention by using the fomo technique to give the content an expiration date. Expiring content combines urgency, scarcity and monopoly to increase the fear of giving in business.

The final word

In today's world, many marketing methods have been developed by experts in this field. Most of these methods use psychological techniques to try to convince the audience to buy. One of the marketing methods that is done according to the fear of losing is called FOMO technique. In this technique, using different methods, the fear of giving a product or service of a business is created in users and thus users are satisfied with the purchase website traffic now.


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